I Grew Up Fearing Bears

Lynn Rogers, PhD

I grew up reading many of the magazines shown in the articles below. When I began hunting in my teens, I believed bears would charge me in instant anger. I wondered if I could kill a bear before it got me. At 18, I saw my first wild black bear. It sniffed me from head to toe and moved on into the darkness.

At 28, I began studying them. Now, after over 50 years of studying black bears and learning about their true timid nature, I reflect on how the magazines and media continue to mislead people. If black bears were like they are often portrayed, I would not have been able to work with them as closely as I have.

There is a huge need for accurate information about black bears.   We want to help change the attitudes and dispel the many myths and misconceptions people have about them.



Why People Fear Bears (article list)

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